Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thy Hypnosis Behind- "The New Year"

Yea it is here... The NEW YEAR..... 

I want you to really reflect, on what it is you have said you are going to do this year that is just a repeat of what you said you were going to do last year, and the year before and possibly the year before that. You see we have all been hypnotized to start over at the beginning of the year as if it will be better than last year. I'm here to tell you it won't, that is of course if you are not choosing to be better than last year. 

I'm not sure who said that, "doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity", however, I like it and want to add also thinking the same thing and expecting different results is insane too. In my practice and lectures I come across so many people with goals and dreams wondering why they never achieve them. The first thing we cover is who they are when they are setting them. I know you will  never achieve them if you lack and understanding of what you are thinking in the first place. There is a magical time to start hypnotizing yourself to create your goals and dreams and it is right now. Now is the time to get into a constant state of hypnosis where you are dedicated to focused concentration and a constant commitment to clarity. 

Today is the first day of 2012 and my New Years wish for all of you is that you hypnotize yourself to realize   YOU ARE BORN VALUABLE.(as one of my favorite coaches Amie Grenier so beautifully says). That each day is your New Year to get so crystal clear on what you want to achieve in each moment. Make each thought count and be kind to yourself as you are learning to focus on what you want and where you are going. I know this is a new practice for many of  you so be loving to yourself in the process.  Also, per the request of some of my favorite friends and clients I am going to be here 5 days a week now sending you these short blogs to lay such deep neural pathways in your mind that your foundational thought is going to be I AM VALUABLE!  All things you choose to create moving forward will now be build with solid value. My commitment to you is to supply you with the awareness you need to  hypnotize your mind with such powerful suggestions, that each day will be your Happy New Creation Moment and you will have much to celebrate! Your self hypnosis lesson begins by thinking, saying, seeing and feeling over and over again:

Affirmation: I AM VALUABLE!!!

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it
Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes,
Your Performance Hypnocoach
Dr. Amy Emme

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