Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Hypnosis Behind... Looking Beyond the Obvious

Are your expectations so full of judgements that your mind goes past the obvious like in this picture? Isn't the obvious here Pizza Hut serves pizza. However, because you have an expectation of what the pizza you want already looks like in a place you already see in your mind you may pass up the outcome you desire, yummy pizza right in front of you? I simple love this picture because many of my clients have this going on.  Pay Attention:


I was working at Christa McAuliffe school in Cape Coral Florida when one of the students said to "Ms. Amy we must learn to think beyond the obvious". WOW!! I thought I wish I had realized this in 3rd grade. What a brilliant thing to say. I was really stunned in this moment it was as if the heavens opened up and sent me an angel.

Imagine this for a moment looking beyond the obvious! If we stick with the pizza for a moment, we know the outcome is you want pizza so you must find a source for pizza. Yet you are driving in circles so emotional that you don't see the sign in front of you and it perpetuates to out of control. Most people don't get their outcomes because they let expectations and emotions get in the way. Now, emotional about pizza you say? I've seen sillier things trust me!

When we are any one of these things we tend to be more emotional. The key statement in looking beyond the obvious is that we must look past the obvious emotion at the time and see what the intelligence is saying . When we are engaged in an argument it is because we haven't noticed the obvious in us. It is our emotions talking not our intelligence and emotions have huge expectations. Ask yourself from now on when you get that urge to argue or get nasty, Say, is it possible Icould be experiencing any of the HALT symptoms?, if you answer is yes to any of the above take responsibility for you.

Hypnotize yourself to be trained to realize when this is occurring for you and find your relief.
 Affirm, when I am hungry, angry, lonely or tired, I know it and take care of myself first before engaging others. In addition to knowing my HALT symptoms, I recognize it in others and have compassion.  I have the ability to look beyond the obvious behavior of others I am in  relationships with to know when their emotions are showing and not their intelligence. I choose to only speak with intelligence.

Another way to think of it is, you wouldn't engage with someone who is totally drunk or on drugs and expect an intelligent response? Of course not, you know you are speaking to the effects of the drug not the intelligence in the person. Emotions have the same effect on the body. Get smart hypnotize yourself to be to know you so well you take control of your emotions and speak from now on, only with your intelligence or keep quiet! It will make your life so enjoyable.

Know what outcome you choose in all situations and be open to how it comes to you. Releasing expectations and emotions allows the true intelligence to create through you. This is me loving you! Now go hypnotize yourself to be aware of your expectations and emotions and let go!

Hypnosis gets results!

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love, and Positive Wishes,
Your Performance Hypnocoach!
Dr. Amy Emme

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