Friday, January 13, 2012

The Hypnosis Behind - Kids

Do you want more fun in your life? Did you ever just observe a group of kids? Did you ever notice how all they want to do is have fun? They can have fun sucking the salt off popcorn seeds. They can have fun using their fingers talking to themselves. Their imaginations are so fantastic because they focus on fun...What fun are you having today?

I was helping out at the school today and we were picking names for groups and all of a sudden a little girl started totally crying, when I asked her what was wrong she was upset because she didn't like the name of the group!?!?! All I did was ask her why and she said because she wanted it to be snowflake because they are pretty and vampires are scary to her. I asked her teammates if they minded and they were all in support of changing the name. Instantly she was giggling. The result was five minutes later she was laughing and playing.

It made me think how quickly she could change her entire mood. I thought about how much as adults we let our moods ruin our whole day instead of working with people to express what our real desires are and why. Most people are understanding and want to help, they just need your help understanding how to help you - whew! Imagine if she acted like an adult and didn't express her true feelings, it would have impacted the ability of the whole group to have fun because they would not be able to get her to participate. We can learn a lot from kids they just tell it like it is all over their faces. To have more fun we have to be willing to express and be authentic. It is OK to remain childlike and let your emotions show as long as you remember to be honest with where these emotions are coming from. Without making her team wrong saying they were dumb to pick vampires she just said she preferred to be snowflakes. With their support they all got on with the most important thing the fun!! Life is meant to be lived having fun and enjoying it. Today be like a kid and get to the fun- fast! Hypnotize yourself to focus on what fun you will have today and throughout your life :) enjoy!

Affirmation: I focus on the fun

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it
Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes,
Your Performance Hypnocoach
Amy Emme

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