Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Hypnosis Behind Serving our Country

I'm in my hotel room right now with my sisters as we prepare for our grandfathers funeral today.  It was his request that he be buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and upon reflection, we realized that our dad and grandpas on both sides had all served in different wars. We suddenly felt a wave of gratitude and sense of honor that they were brave and did what they felt they could do to help at a time when called.

I always get a sense of gratitude when I see our soldiers and their conviction to make the world a better place. There is a power when a group of people get together for a common cause and purpose. Although, all the men in our family were drafted, the relationships they established during the common purpose were life lasting.

Have you thought about how you are serving a cause? Where is your conviction level to service? Even when you are selected to serve in something you may not believe in how much dedication are you able to give to make a difference in whatever you are doing? Hypnotize yourself to realize, everywhere you are called to serve in each and every moment, it is the perfect opportunity for your growth.

I read my grandpa's journal and even though every other page he would say I wish the war would end I miss home, he did his time and served with all he had. When I asked him what war was like he said, "Amy, war is no good however, the men and women who served were great"!

Sometimes, we have to do things at the time, that seem horrible, uncomfortable, and that we don't want to do (like go to funerals for me). However, if we hypnotize our mind to trust in the truth that wherever we are called to serve, it is always for our greatest good, then we are able to serve with conviction and purpose. I encourage you to take this attitude in all you are serving today and beyond, then, focus your power on being grateful and finding the lessons in what you are being called to do. There are always good things for you even in something as horrible as war.

Affirmation: I serve in every moment with gratitude knowing the blessings are for my growth


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Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes,
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Amy Emme

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