Monday, January 9, 2012

The Hypnosis Behind - Promotions

Have you ever been passed up for promotion when the person who got the job was not nearly as qualified as you? Have you ever wanted a promotion and been to afraid to ask? Do you know you deserve a promotion beyond a shadow of a doubt? If so read on.....

One day, a client came to see me who was deeply upset by her challenges she had working with her boss. Kelly had been with her company years without receiving a promotion or any recognition at all. She showed me her sales figures and how much higher they were than other people in her company. She believed she was not getting the promotion because her boss was threatened by her and did not like her. Kelly claimed she was ridiculed and belittled by her boss in front of people all the time.  

I recommended to Kelly that we are always responsible for how we allow others to make us feel. Her belief in her boss and how she treated her was Kelly's projection of her own beliefs about herself and that her opinion of who her boss was (mean, insecure, threatened) was really her subconscious belief about herself and therefore, she reacted different to her boss than other people. We worked together to make a list of characteristic traits of her boss, and the negative beliefs Kelly had. We then turned them into positives and things she wished for in a boss and to believe them as if they were true. I also had Kelly look in the mirror and start to affirm who she really was even if at first she didn't believe it. I made her say it over and over again and again anyway. I also made her visualize before she went to bed at night her boss complimenting her and offering her a promotion. 

Her affirmation was something like this:

I wish kindness on my boss and my boss only sees the best in me. She wants to promote me and sees my value. I am responsible for what I think about my boss and my surroundings and I chose to believe all things are for my greatest life. 

A few months after saying this and practicing these things Kelly not only began to get recognized, she did get that promotion. So if you want a promotion think of all the negatives why you believe you are not getting one, and then turn that list into a positive one.  Focus on it every day and night hypnotizing yourself to see the outcome you wish before you go to bed. Your boss will respond accordingly and so will your paycheck.

Affirmation: My boss appreciates me and I know they want what is best for me always

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it
Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes,
Your Performance Hypnocoach
Amy Emme

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