Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Hypnosis behind Hypnosis.....

If I give you my wisdom, you might succeed. If I give you tools to your own wisdom you most definitely will succeed.

-Dr. Shelly

Informing people I am a Hypnocoach is a fun moment for me. I enjoy the various responses and reactions.

You are a …. Hypno, who what, you do what, and how?

Some of the funniest reactions I ever got were;

Will you make me run around and bark like a dog or speak alien?

Will you open me up to evil spirits? That’s the devils work…

I don’t want anyone to know my secrets!!! Goodness NO!!

I’m afraid of that voodoo stay away!!

The reason I share this is not to judge however it is to bring light to the power of hypnosis and all its benefits and dispel the negative ideas that were created from rumors and misinformation.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. There must first be willingness in the client to want to make a change for good in their world for transformation to begin. It is a natural state that we move into and out of naturally during the day anyway.

I compare hypnosis for the mind, to going to the gym for the body. I train and work with many Athletes preparing them for all levels of competition from amateur to professional all the way to gold medal Olympians. I always say, I prepare the mind the way the physical trainer prepares the muscles. The way the nutritionist prepares the best diet for maximum performance.

Of course you can go to the gym and figure out the machines however you cannot see your body and muscle position the way the trainer can. The advantage of the trainer is that, they can align your muscles for maximum benefit until you establish muscle memory.

Now imagine your mind, your limiting beliefs, your thoughts... what if you knew what was really going on inside your brain at all times. Imagine if you could control you every thought how powerful you would be. This is what I prepare you for. As a Hypnocoach I have studied from the best in the world, to be the best in the world, to produce clients that get results making them the best in the world at what they do.

Hypnosis is so effective because consciously you are unaware of the things keeping you stuck. It may be a trauma from childhood a deep rooted belief and remarkably when placed in an altered state, your brain waves vibrational rate actually slows down, giving you greater access to your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind however, is constantly aware of what is occurring through the entire process. You are then placed in a heightened state of suggestibility and an energized alertness, where you can more easily change your unproductive or unhelpful patterns into new empowering, positive behavior patterns that will transform you into what you desire to be.

Currently you are running patterns that may drain your energy, block creativity, slow your metabolism, prolong injury, and keep you from fulfilling your dreams. It is now time to learn better ways to stop surviving and start thriving and that is why I am here to help.

I can help you uncover what is stopping you and give you proven tools and strategies to move you in the direction of your health and dreams. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or just know there is more I am always willing to help. Please just call me 239-292-5884 or call Rosemary for an appointment at the clinic. http://www.thecenterfornaturalhealing.biz/Contact-Us.html

Sending you in the direction of your dreams!

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!

Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes

Amy Emme

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Hypnosis behind Memorial day!

The Hypnosis behind Memorial Day…..

Waking up this morning I was excited to have the day to spend with my kids and it got me into a state of gratitude and wondered why we were gifted this day off. Have you ever wondered why we get Memorial Day off or what it was?

Thank God for the dream of Google and its results because I was blessed to find;

According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs,

Memorial Day is a day for remembering and honoring military personnel who died in the service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle.

Just think about that for a moment!! They died they sacrificed their life dedicated to the dream they were serving their families, their current generation, and generations to come.


I personally believe they didn’t enter battle to die rather to live for the sake of their dreams. Their belief system at that time (their self hypnosis) was if they gave everything, they were securing for this great country, a better present and future. They had to hypnotize themselves in a belief system so strong that even the fear of death became second to the mission. How amazing….. putting the fear of death second to the belief of the pursuit of a dream. A dream at all costs- the mind is such a powerful thing.

They died for the dream that we live today, or do we? A hero sacrificed their life to give you the chance to live your dream!  I have to admit,  I get a little passionate about this as I watch so many people sitting idly by not dreaming, believing, planning or achieving anything, rather,  letting life happen to them instead of creating it. It makes me wonder if that person who sacrificed their life for me would they be proud of how I am living my life?

Ask yourself, would the people we remember today look at me and die for me again? For my dreams? My families dreams?

It really motivated me today to revisit my dreams and take more action and to stay in gratitude to all those who made it possible for me to be here living my dream. Thank you beautiful Angels who made my life possible. I promise you I am dreaming, believing, planning and achieving so that as Jackie Robinson said “ A life Is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” I can make you all proud as a token of gratitude you have done for me. I daily hypnotize myself to have the courage in the face of everyone and everything to stand for what I believe in and to empower my clients to do the same.

On this special day I’m so grateful for the people who died. Those heroes who had the ability to hypnotize themselves so I could live my dream! Thank you on behalf of me and my family and friends! On this day we stand in gratitude and from our hearts we salute you!

Amy Emme

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Hypnosis behind...... Why is this happening for me??

This morning as I proceeded with the normal school routine, my son and I went to get in the car to discover a flat tire! When I got out to look at it sure enought there was a huge screw in it! That is when I had to stop and remember WHAT IS THIS DOING FOR ME????

In the moment I wanted to have a meltdown I did an immediate state change and reminded myself everything conspires for my highest good and this was just an opportunity to check in what I needed to pay attention to.

Here are the miracles that occured in order:
1. Phoned friends that ride the bus with my son to discover they had overslept and missed the bus and they were happy to drive him to school on time
2. My neighbor who was a mechanic was there so we could barrow his tools to take off the tire and replace it w/
3. The perfect good spare aired up :)
4. My husband was still home and graciously changed it for me
5. All in time to get the little ones to their bus in time
 Everything lined up without us missing a beat because of putting into practice the same techniques I teach all my Hypnosis clients!

Remember in moments you want react vs. respond
1. Breathe in Goodness
2. Exhale Stress
3. Ask Why is this happening for me!

Love you!
Hugs, kisses, love and positive Wishes
Your Performance Hypnocoach
Amy Emme