Monday, June 6, 2011

The Hypnosis behind... How to Creating A GREAT TEAM!

Wouldn't you like to understand how to create a great team around you all the time? If you answer yes then read on...

This is to all my beautiful friends who dare to hypnotize themselves to be outside the box and brave into the world of leading and working with exceptional teams.

One of the greatest challenges when creating an amazing team is really getting clear on who you need and what you need them to do. This is a step that cannot be skipped if you want amazing results. What I find in most situations where I am hired to consult for corporations, most teams are built out of desperation vs. preparation. Let me hypnotize you to think like a gold medalist preparing for the Olympics to help you understand what I mean.

If we were creating a 400 meter sprint team, we would first want people that could run fast, then teammates who were dedicated to training and understood the level of commitment it takes to be the best in the world. We want individuals, who as athletes, are just as dedicated to individually training by eating the right food, feeding their mind mental toughness routines,  training with weights to strengthen them, and then running to perfect their form, to be as individually strong as they can before they consider joining the team.  After they COMMIT to the team the next round begins by discovering the strengths and placement- who is the starter who is 2, 3 and 4th position which one is best where. Now as a coach you wouldn’t even consider them for a team if they weren’t ready in all areas because you know your time limit. You have 4 years in between Olympics and you know what it takes to make a winning team.

Hypnotically speaking mindset is key to everything. The willingness and  belief system of each team member is something very crucial to determine when you are building your team in anything! Make sure they want to do this first for the love of it! It is expensive to participate in the Olympics, athletes do it for the love of what it means – the joy in being your best for themselves, their countries and the world. I say when building your team look for those individuals who will do it for those same reasons. They have hypnotized themselves to work in a position that fills what you are looking for as they achieve what they are looking for. If they come for money they will leave for money SIMPLE!

Make a list:

What are the most important characteristics someone in this position will need?

What will they enjoy most about being on this team?

What is the philosophy of your organization and do they believe in it? ( Do you even know it your vision, mission, make sure you are clear first!!)

What are the current strengths and weaknesses of the rest of the team they will be joining?

What is the top priority of a person who accepts the position on this team?

How will they be measured to see if they are improving or being a great team player?

What opportunities do they have for leadership among the team?

Realize that we all depend on each other to make our dreams come true. We must first believe it- what is the dream? Be so clear and specific! As we dream it visualize it! See it ourselves first and the more words and pictures we can use to describe our passion in it the dream to others we can then.....

Plan it- Lay it out so people interested in supporting it will understand and have buy in to the vision and can ask questions and give honest feedback on how and where they can support it! Where do they fit in the team!

Achieve it! Once you know what you want you must take the time to be clear on who you want and how you see them among everyone!

Hypnosis is simply getting in the right frame of mind and staying there from concept of dream to reality as you describe it to those you need to come to gold!

We are sometimes in small teams (like husband and wife) to large teams corporations. It is so important that no matter the size we are so hypnotized to affirm what we want, how we want it so we can recognize it when it shows up! Then once it shows up know how to incorporate it to the GOLD MEDAL level!

Hypnosis gets results!


Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!

Hugs Kisses Love and Positive Wishes,

Your Performance Hypnocoach!

Dr. Amy Emme

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