Monday, June 20, 2011

The Hypnosis Behind..... Living Your Dream in a Marriage.

The Hypnosis Behind..... Living Your Dream in a Marriage.

Perhaps you are scared, pissed, feeling hopeless, feeling like the person you married isn't at all the person they claimed to be. Maybe you feel trapped definitely misunderstood, not heard, or supported and your intimate life, forget it, you don't want to touch or be touched you are completely shut down. You don't know even how to get up much less look up for a brighter future. You think things would be so much easier if you just had to worry about you because the hope that they will do what they say and you believing them only to be let down again is so much more painful than just being alone and knowing it's up to you.  Or perhaps you believe someone else would understand that knight in shining armor that man and for the man that beautiful woman who will help you be all you know you were destined to. Yea, that's right that person you thought you were marrying. That person you thought you signed up for when you said your vows or maybe even the legal paper at the court house! Well.... here is the truth! Ready....

That is the hypnosis, you are living in a fantasy world. You hypnotized yourself when you fell in love with the idea you had of a person. You didn't fall in love with the person for who they were. When you are in love everything is beautiful your brainwash yourself and you see only the good because you are feeling good. That's right you see what you choose to see based on how you are feeling in a moment! If you are feeling bad you see all the horrible things, if you are feeling great, you love more. The key is, the person never changes only your perception of them does. That is why I had you write the list of things you couldn't stand and things you love.

Here we go an example from some of my clients:

+/-   Statements, Hidden Truths, Projections = What the real belief system is the real truth

I can't stand how my husband is unorganized = I feel out of control when I am unorganized
I can't stand it when my wife loses it              = I don't like how I feel about myself when I lose it
I love how my husband is great with the kids = I feel good about me when I am great with the kids

See what we see in others or can't stand is really what is going on for us it is called a projection. We see the world based on how we have perceived information as we learn it. The first step to learning how to live your dream is to realize your spouse is who they really are you just didn't see them for that.  The truth is, you saw them and see them as a projection of your ideas. It is time to get clear now and look at yourself and recheck your list and put yourself in every line and acknowledge where you are loving,  or are not loving you.  This is the first major step to your awareness and new life! Hypnotize yourself to focus on the good in you. Luvu you for being brave and wanting more! Hug yourself and we shall continue tomorrow!

Hypnosis gets results!
Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love, and Positive Wishes,
Your Performance Hypnocoach!
Amy Emme

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