Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Hypnosis behind growing.....

The Hypnosis behind growing....

 One of my favorite songs is titled Bloom Where you are Planted! So this thought popped into my head today.

Imagine a sunflower they start from a tiny seed planted in the dirt and with the right conditions and amout of water and sun they grow into a beautiful flower that provides food and beauty for so many to see and enjoy.  However, have you ever noticed that the head of the sunflower follows the sun and when the sun sets their heads drop so they can rejuvinate through the night.

Now, imagine you are a sunflower and as you grow your roots expand to the extend you need to support your head. The roots are like your knowledge base and network you need to make your dreams come true because nobody makes their dream come true alone. Wherever you are planted as your roots take form they are always underground first where nobody sees the brilliant growth you can only you feel it! Then emerges one day out of the dirt a tiny plant a tiny new you and if you are not protected at first while you are growing by believing strongly you will die at this point. Protect yourself, as you work on your dreams make sure you don't tell anyone about them at first until you believe you can do it so strongly you can say it with conviction otherwise you may not be able to handle the nay sayers :)! Remember to it is important to take times to rejuvinate and store up you energy as they take for in by taking good care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

 The sunflower has such a strong belief it will grow it just does it is not sure how it just does! So will your dreams.  As you grow you need an area where you can stay in the light and then have periods to rejuvinate! You need to surround yourself with healthy environments and conditions. It may require you to ditch unsupportive people this is where you develop your voice to grow! Remember just as the head of the sunflower is always searching and following the sun it is important for you to hypnoize your mind that you are growing and growing is good! You grow easily and gracefully always facing the light! ALLWAYS!

Then when you have reached your full height and then you grow more seeds, you grow your team you begin to be so beautiful as your dreams take shape all those around you marvel in it and just as the sunflower shares it's beauty with the world so will you!

Finally the sunflower produces many seeds from it's one so will you! Those many seeds provide for many and by you choosing to grow you will provide the motivation, inspiration and dedication seeds that others will be so inspired by you they will have the courage to grow as well! By you being the beautiful person you are decieding you matter, deciding to believe in your dreams and you first, you will provide for more than you will ever know! SO NOW GO GROW!!!!

The hypnosis behind growing is to bloom where you are planted NOW!!

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes!
Your Performance Hypnocoach,
Amy Emme

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