Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hypnosis Behind... Living Your Dream In A Marriage

The Hypnosis Behind... Living Your Dream In a Marriage.

It is possible to be hypnotized to have it all! ~ Amy Emme

It is a this and that world, not a this or that world.  I hope this dialog stimulates some conversation. It is my clear intention that shift will happen when you read this. I am dedicating Thursdays to couples who what to be hypnotized to live their dream lives!

Let's begin are you in a great relationship right now where both you and your partner are living your dreams lives?? Or are you in a relationship where you are sacrificing your dreams, putting them on hold while your partner pursues theirs and after they reach their dream then you believe it is your turn to begin your dream life? If this is the case please read on!

In either situation I want to hear from you. I hypnotize couples all the time who want more and these couples range from dreading when the partner comes home to couples who dream of the partner walking through the door so they can plan their next dream together moving forward. Hypnosis is the key. Understanding the way your mind works and the way your partner understands things is the key to your dreams.

Like I said this is a hypnosis process and it is a this and that world. With that said I am going to give you a series of hypnotic steps over the next few weeks to help you and your partner. Whether you start secretly with you alone or you start together your partner will take notice and want to know what you are up to because they will notice the change in you. You will be happier because you will be on purpose :)!

Let's look at marriage for a moment. States require a test to pass to get a drivers license and yet to join you life with someone else and raise a family they give you no classes or tests. Usually your examples where you learned about marriage are not healthy either. You have been hypnotized by your parents or other married couples and you both have your own beliefs about what marriage is coming into it- do you really know what your partner believes? I am guessing not!

Ok your assignment for this first week is to write down all the things you can't stand about your partner!  Write down all the things you think are crazy about them... every little thing that drives you nuts!
How you hate it when they leave the toilet seat up or down. How they don't do anything. How they quit charming you and let themselves go. How they never notice all you do etc. You know better what you can't stand about them. I mean make the longest list about all the things they say do and believe that drive you crazy!

Great Start let's continue next Thursday- you have begun to get hypnotized!

Are you ready to live your dream life while being Married????

Hypnosis gets results!
Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love, and Positive Wishes,
Your Performance Hypnocoach!
Amy Emme

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