Friday, July 22, 2011

The Hypnosis Behind....Taste

The Hypnosis Behind.... Taste

When was the last amazing meal you had? When did you last taste something that was so amazing it almost gave you the chills? What is your relationship with your tongue like???

In my line of work I see so many clients that come to me because they want to improve their health. One of the first things I have to address with them is their relationship with their body? Starting with the mouth because that is where life begins as a baby. It is important to hypnotize yourself to be present in all you do. The relationships you have from the food you eat, to the way you eat, it is all important. It is significant whether you are one of my professional athletes or a retired hippie it is all the same.

How you do anything is how you do everything. With this said I encourage you today to experiment with your food. Eat one meal or treat alone and notice everything from are you actually tasting it or is your mind so busy you ate the entire snack/meal and didn't even taste it? My goal it to wake you up to everything thing in your life. My dream is to have you really living in your life to the fullest. To take notice in all you do. If you are eating a strawberry notice it, if you are having more than one notice the difference in the two, three and so on. Food is a great example of what is happening in the rest of your life because we all must eat. Do you take care of you body and fill it with nourishing things or do you disrespect it and trash it with junk food.

Take notice and repeat to yourself the way I do anything is the way I do everything and just see how it plays out in your life from what you eat to who you enjoy and meet! Enjoy!

Hypnosis gets results!

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love, and Positive Wishes,
Your Performance Hypnocoach!
Dr. Amy Emme

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