Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Hypnosis Behind...Moving Forward

The Hypnosis Behind...Moving Forward

Imagine money burning in front of you and you can't touch it. How does that make you feel? What is your attachment to money? Does it prove to the world you are valuable? Does it prove it to your spouse to you? Who are you with it? Who are you without it?

It is so interesting for me to observe the attachment to money many of my clients have. As you know I help many people move from amateur to professional in the sports and entertainment arenas. One of the things they first say when they come to me is that the money they will make from being successful in these careers is a dream for them. That I have to reassure them is a bonus and if they are doing it for the money usually they will not be successful. Money comes and money goes and the real mindset to success is finding the joy in what you are doing along the way. In this economy so many of my friends are now struggling with this in their lives. We all made so much money in 04-06 and now they have lost all of it and are rediscovering who they are.

In relationships do you place more value on those people that provide money to you, or  can you see someones value with out financial contribution. I actually had a client who lost money (she believes it was taken out of her purse) and instead of consoling her, her husband lectured her on how she should have been more responsible and went on and on about how she should have put it in the bank attempting to make her feel even more horrible than she already did.  Where does he place his value?The challenge we have in our society right now is that in order to take the focus off of how we are feeling we turn to focusing on how others are doing or did wrong. We go to the blame game and place value on the wrong things. Now is the time to become aware what would you have done if you were married to someone who lost money you needed to keep a roof over your head what would have been your reaction? Here is where you can learn your belief system. Go to this scenario.

The spiral down is deep! If you don't feel in your heart that connection to your goodness ASK FOR HELP! You are not your money or what you contribute financially. Money is only an emotional trigger for many people to learn about themselves. When you discover the joy in what you do for yourself and others you will start to attract people who will take notice and want to reward you financially for your services of joy and the gifts you bring. The most challenging thing for you to overcome is the voice in your head that attaches your value with a dollar amount. This is your time to  be in a place to ask yourself who are you proving yourself too? Please understand I am not saying not to value financially planning and being smart with your money, I am simply saying that you money is not you! It will come in waves once you discover your joy in expressing your gifts! Hypnotize yourself to see your value, joy and to see the value and joy in those around you and I promise you will have your greatest return in investment ever!

Hypnosis gets results!
Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love, and Positive Wishes,
Your Performance Hypnocoach!
Dr. Amy Emme
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