Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Hypnosis Behind...Relationships

The Hypnosis Behind...Relationships
Ever feel like you can't get along with someone they are just too different? Ever think that people just don't get you? Did you ever feel like it is just tooo.. hard to be in a relationship and life is easier alone?

This weekend I thought of this idea as I was watching our friends kitten meet our chihuahua. They so wanted to play with each other and it was their first meeting. It so reminded me of how all relationships are. We hypnotize our self that it would be cool to play with the new person yet we are not sure how they play. Just like a cat and dog we all are different we come from different backgrounds, belief systems, conscious and unconscious programming that determines how we play an interact.

Take for example my dog, to date he has only been around dogs. He puts his head lower than his butt, wags his tail like crazy, may whine and bark a little, sniff the butt of the other dog, pee on things and run around. However, when he tried to do that with the kitty this weekend the he was met with claws and some abrupt smacks in the face. He just had this puzzled look on his face yet was determined to be friends. Like us right, if we don't get understood the first time we adjust and go with another approach. The cool thing was, my dog was so forgiving he just got smacked in the face with claws and he still wanted to play. (Wish humans were more like dogs and understood they could get over things just as fast :))

He came in a second time slower and not so in the face, going with his butt first this time and the kitty was now sniffing and tapped him on the butt with out claws. It was so fun to observe and  I thought of so many of my married clients who come for relationship help. It was the exact same approach they used. Constantly changing positions and doing their best to try to understand each other although feeling unsure and strange all while have a huge desire to play and love one another. I mean they are no different than cats and dogs when you consider how different we are all brought up. Some of us are told to believe we are cats and some of us dogs yet with patience and a willingness to understand how we have been hypnotized by others to believe this we can learn new ways and all get along. Just like the picture above shows we can all get along, work together, and even support and benefit from one another, so does understanding how you have been hypnotized your whole life to believe what you do now. With hypnosis you can adopt new understanding and get along with anyone willing to understand where there beliefs come from too!  If other species can get along and love one another for the benefit of all surly "Humans" can just get along with each other to start!
This is me loving you! This is my start! Enjoy!

Hypnosis gets results!

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love, and Positive Wishes,
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Dr. Amy Emme
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