Friday, January 11, 2013

Evolving Preferences

Have you enjoyed evolution of your preferences?

Feeling the controller in your hand, your heart begins to beat more rapidly and your eyes follow the action on the screen, quickly you begin to get lost into another world. The world where you are filled with hope of success. In this world you escape and become another being, a creator of a new sort and depending on the world you pick you evolve based on your preference.

From Atari and packman, to Wii just dance and  Xbox 360 mind craft, to name a few our mind has the ability to adapt and create in so many ways it is just beautiful. What is even more fascinating is that a circle moving open and closed appearing to eat dots and run away from ghosts can get our heart racing and our emotions moving? Have you ever thought about that? Evolving into Wii and dancing with imaginary people on a screen to where the machine picks up our movements and calculates  how coordinated we are in comparison to the fake dancers wow... who created this stuff and how does their mind work? To the Xbox and mind craft where you have the ability to build complete worlds it just keeps getting more amazing and it all begins the same the only difference is the preference of the creator.

There is abundant potential in the ability of your mind to create. The subconscious is just like a five year old child in that it believes exactly what you tell it. If you give it permission to play it will enjoy going out and getting as creative as you encourage it to be. Where you choose to play will be your preference and as you allow it to explore you will begin to get better and better at evolving  into greater and greater worlds. Worlds where you have yet to discover how much fun you will have until you give yourself the permission to feel you heart race again, allow your eyes to follow your twinkling's and get lost in the world of your choice. Give yourself to play more and more everyday.

AffirmationI play everyday according to my preferences!

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes,
Your Hypnocoach,
Amy Emme

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