Friday, May 27, 2011

The Hypnosis behind...... Why is this happening for me??

This morning as I proceeded with the normal school routine, my son and I went to get in the car to discover a flat tire! When I got out to look at it sure enought there was a huge screw in it! That is when I had to stop and remember WHAT IS THIS DOING FOR ME????

In the moment I wanted to have a meltdown I did an immediate state change and reminded myself everything conspires for my highest good and this was just an opportunity to check in what I needed to pay attention to.

Here are the miracles that occured in order:
1. Phoned friends that ride the bus with my son to discover they had overslept and missed the bus and they were happy to drive him to school on time
2. My neighbor who was a mechanic was there so we could barrow his tools to take off the tire and replace it w/
3. The perfect good spare aired up :)
4. My husband was still home and graciously changed it for me
5. All in time to get the little ones to their bus in time
 Everything lined up without us missing a beat because of putting into practice the same techniques I teach all my Hypnosis clients!

Remember in moments you want react vs. respond
1. Breathe in Goodness
2. Exhale Stress
3. Ask Why is this happening for me!

Love you!
Hugs, kisses, love and positive Wishes
Your Performance Hypnocoach
Amy Emme
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