Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ready for all your wishes to come true!!!

Are you ready to summon your magic carpet and fly away to paradise somewhere in the land where there are 100's of shades of gray or maybe multicolored places where raindrops are lemon drops and gumdrops, o what a world that would be. Actually you could walk outside with your mouth open wide- yummy!

Well, what if you could live a life of wealth and health, where each day you sprung from bed excited to meet the day full of opportunity and possibility and ready for adventure in all the small and big things, would you enjoy that? I know a few  people for sure who would, who do,  and some who are. When you learn  how to use your imagination instead of your willpower, you enlist the powers of your subconscious mind and really begin to fly!

To use mental force or willpower, is to presuppose that there is opposition. However, the act of imagination accepts all desires and allows you to feel the thrill of accomplishment, your subconscious brings about the realization of your desire. Many people in the tops of their fields have seen it many times before the actual event occurs- imagination in the form of visualization. Focused, controlled, directed, and disciplined imagination, practiced at best when the body is completely in a relaxed state, like before bedtime, as vividly as possible is the best time for results to form. Image what it would look like, sound like, smell like, feel like and even taste like to have that thing you desire. Include as many senses as possible and really center and tap in calling forth all of your resources, enjoying the process, really having fun like when you were a kid and believed without judgement - just believe whole heartily.  Just enjoy!

Affirmation: I am what I imagine myself to be.

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it
Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes
Your Hypnocoach
Amy Emme

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