Monday, February 23, 2009

This is so exciting! I am stepping into the world of Blogging. I now have a new way to pursue my passion of bringing more love into the world.

I just want to say I am so happy and grateful to my friends Ben Mack, Renee Bledsoe, and David Essel for bringing this new avenue to my attention.

It is my intention that thorough this Blog you will get to know my heart and feel the love in it- that love that is intended for each and every one of you. Deep within every molecule of my being, there is an unsurpassed desire to bring love to new heights. I envision a world that is empowered to serve from love and abundance instead of fear and scarcity.

My Mission is to co-create a movement where each person will know and love themselves so completely that they will be able to live a life of joyful passion and purpose.

To live life free from the opinions and judgements of others-
To live life confident and compassionate while making decisions-
Above all, live life with the ability to embrace all relationships and interactions with complete welcoming arms and see them as an opportunity for learning, growing, accepting and loving all the way.

In so living, in each person being free to walk in their complete truth, I envision a shift in this world to one of complete peace and kindness. A world where every being will stand in the light of gratitude, service, compassion and above all else unconditional love!!!!!

In gratitude, I humbly thank all of my teachers past, present and future -who have helped, are helping, and will help me remember to come home to love! I LOVE YOU!!
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